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Is there potential in your business where you can optimize your business processes through digitization? Or do you want to create new markets with additional digital business models. If you are asking yourself these questions, contact us as a development partner for appropriate workshops.

The classic control of production and logistics is increasingly reaching its limits.

Digitization is an option here, but not a stand-alone methodology. Process optimization first requires structural changes, such as streamlining, minimizing waste, self-control and an effective supply chain through the networking of production and logistics. These are important factors for improving productivity. If digitalization can make a contribution to optimization in this context, then we should start and automate processes with it.

Lean Company

If you need support in this or also want to start a development or innovation project, we are the right partner for you. If necessary, we will also take care of other partners and contribute our strong network. A good start is made when employees recognize the potential of modern ICT methods, such as AutoID with RFID, and can contribute their own ideas to optimization projects.

Involving employees and trying to allay fears are essential here. Workshops with simulated production can make the topic tangible. The possibilities can be explored on the basis of initial small-scale real projects in the plant. After that, the process analysis can be carried out together and, ultimately, the implementation of larger sub-projects can lead the way to a lean company.

Reference Projects

Voice of Customer, Workshops and System Finding for a Holistic Packaging Concept at Hager Tehalit's Heltersberg Plant

hager.pngA customer survey (Voice of Customer), workshops, an analysis of the current situation, and a subsequent system finding process were used to develop solutions for optimizing the loading and packaging units for long materials from ed-media. Individual improvements were identified and new processes were proposed. "The project results help us step-by-step in implementing our goal of offering the customer the best possible packaging" (Michael Schneider, Production Manager).

The INTERREG Project "PRODPILOT" - Productivity Increase for SMEs in the Greater Region

prodpilot.jpgThis EU project was launched in the Greater Region in spring 2018. Small and medium-sized enterprises in the Greater Region can participate in the project as pilot companies and improve their productivity in the manufacturing process. Join us in the optimization process with selected tools and increase your output!

Process Innovation through "Supply-in-Line-Sequence (SILS)" at Adam Opel GmbH with RFID Support

In essence, this approach means complete transparency about production planning at the manufacturer, so that production at the supplier can already be controlled in line with the sequence on this data basis. Such an approach reduces inventories and integrates the currently downstream sequencing into production, eliminating one process step. The project team led by Prof. Dr. Bettina Reuter has set itself this development task. A first development project took place at Adam Opel GmbH. The task was to place fully assembled suspension struts in special racks in the exact sequence in which they come off the production line, so that the process can be carried out without major handling effort. RFID was also used for identification, among other things.