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About Us

ed-media e.V. is an institute offering nationwide and international services for adult education and project development with research support in the thematic area of "Learning and Knowledge" as well as "Processes and Logistics". The institute is located on the campus in Zweibrücken. For the University of Applied Sciences Kaiserslautern, which is located there, MBA distance learning courses have been successfully organized in cooperation for 20 years.

Founded in 2001 by Prof. Dr. Bettina Reuter, the institute at Kaiserslautern University also supports companies in the digital transformation of learning and business processes. The focus is also always on the promotion and qualification of employees to maintain their employability.

Since the founding of the institute, private individuals, institutions and companies have relied on ed-media's trustworthy cooperation, individual support and professional project management. 

Based on the strong service concept and the acquired web and IT competence, the spin-off ed-media GmbH was founded, which offers App/IT development and IT support as well as consulting.

Association Goals and Mission Statement (Excerpt)

Association Goals

The purposes of the association are research as well as the organization and quality assurance of teaching and professional education and training. Furthermore, joint research projects with universities are aimed at. The implementation of publicly funded projects in the operational environment is also a focus.

Mission Statement

Our Identity

The ed-media e.V. institute is legally independent and has the legal form of a registered association. It does not primarily pursue its own economic purposes and is recognized as a non-profit organization within the meaning of the German Tax Code.

The commitment of our employees, caused by job satisfaction and identification with the institute, plays an outstanding role. Through personnel continuity, we can draw on strong practical experience.

Our Abilities

Committed and satisfied employees are our most valuable resource and make success possible. Our employees identify with the institute and see themselves as a team in which everyone makes an important contribution to the success of the whole. They act independently within the scope of their responsibilities and have a high level of professional and social competence as well as creativity, consensus and conflict management skills.

The employees see themselves as responsible partners of our customers and members. Mutual respect and appreciation, friendly interaction based on objectivity and helpfulness characterize our cooperation as well as our relationship with customers and partners.

Our Environment

In our association a conscientious and responsible handling of personal data of participants and employees is ensured.

We are aware of our ecological responsibility and take care in our actions to work in a way that conserves resources and minimizes pollutant emissions.

Download complete mission statement (PDF in german)

Team/Job offers

Our team consists of engineers, computer scientists, sociologists and business people from various disciplines with a lot of know-how, but more importantly, with the willingness to always face new challenges and actively shape the change of work. Our motivation is to help our participants and partners achieve their goals through intensive, flexible support and cooperation. Companies and individuals can support and promote the achievement of the association's goals by becoming members.

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Apprenticeship training position for IT Management Assistant or as a Management Assistant in Advertising.

We are looking for an apprentice to become an information technology clerk or an advertising clerk from 01.08.2022.

Your profile:

If you are committed to learning and advancing professionally, we offer you the opportunity to train in a collaborative environment.

You should have the following qualifications:

  • Your school-leaving certificate should be at least Mittlere Reife with good grades
  • Interest in learning is a basic requirement
  • Enjoy working with PCs and online tools as well as initial experience with Office software
  • Fun in dealing with people
  • Good knowledge of English
  • Flexibility and mobility

We offer:

During your 3-year apprenticeship, we offer you the opportunity to work independently in a dynamic and open-minded team and to take on your own areas of work in order to successfully learn the profession you are aiming for.

Interested? Then send your detailed application by e-mail to Mr. Patrick Schackmann, We are looking forward to meeting you!

Current Projects

en[AI]ble - Implementing AI in SMEs Preventively and Productively

en[AI]ble - Implementing AI in SMEs Preventively and Productively

Particularly small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and their employees have difficulties, due to their specific conditions for action (e.g.: lack of personnel, financial, time resources and AI competencies), in recognizing meaningful AI applications for their value creation, evaluating them strategically, and designing and using them preventively, participatively and productively. According to their requirement profiles, the AI consultants that have existed to date act almost exclusively in a technology-oriented manner. A digital mentor can specifically enable managers and employees in SMEs and their works councils to close crucial (knowledge) gaps and enable AI use that is profitable for all sides.

The prerequisite for this is that, in addition to basic technical knowledge of AI, the digital mentor must above all possess competencies in holistic socio-technical work and organizational design and in social innovation in the design of an innovation-promoting, appreciative corporate culture. Since the digital mentor for preventive AI design for SMEs does not yet exist, a learning concept and a model for the use of a digital mentor are being developed and realized in learning and experimentation spaces AI in the joint project "Digital Mentor" (short title: en[Al]ble).




The INTERREG V A project PRODPILOT accompanies companies in the Greater Region in analyzing and increasing their productivity. The aim is to create an online platform with a self-analysis tool with which companies can evaluate their productivity themselves.

In order to increase their productivity, small and medium-sized enterprises can participate in the PRODPILOT project as pilot companies. Join us in an improvement process and increase your productivity with selected tools!

You are a company from the Greater Region and interested in implementing process innovations to increase your productivity? Become part of PRODPILOT! We analyze together with you how you can systematically and sustainably improve your productivity through targeted measures.

BMAS Good Host - Good Employer

BMAS Good Host - Good Employer

The project, which is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (BMAS), shows approaches to improving personnel management and increasing employer attractiveness in the hospitality industry. Currently, consulting and support services are being transferred on a nationwide level.

The INQA Company Check "Hospitality Industry" that has been developed can be the starting point for companies in the industry to identify strengths and weaknesses in their operations and uncover potential for improvement. Consultants are also to work with the instrument. To this end, a pool of consultants is being set up in collaboration with the SME Offensive.

In response to the pressing requirements that digitization brings for the industry, experience is to be gathered in the introduction of digital processes in experimental rooms. In addition to the development of a digitization check for the hospitality industry, an online survey was also conducted in Rhineland-Palatinate to highlight the state of digitization and identify further needs.