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Project Development and Management

Projects on the Transformation of Technology and Work

Are you looking for institutional support in your development projects on innovation, technology and work? Since its foundation, the ed-media institute has been involved in practical and nationwide projects. We are responsible for ideas and concepts, project management, execution, implementation, communication, quality assurance and evaluation. The success of our projects is based on many years of project experience and on a large network (of companies, initiatives, associations, universities), which we have built up nationwide and internationally over the last 15 years.

Consulting for Development Projects

Our consulting services are aimed at identifying and analyzing problems before precisely defined R&D projects have been planned. Do you have operational optimization needs in the areas of processes, logistics, digitization and training. Then let us develop a concept together. Our involvement offers the projects better chances of success in implementation and better funding prospects thanks to a modern systematic approach.

Become the "Company of the Future"

In particular, we see our main tasks in actively shaping the digital transformation and the corresponding new world of work. Whatever the major trends in the digital age are called, whether "smart factory," "Industry 4.0," or "Internet of Things," all these challenges for companies have one thing in common: only those who remain adaptable as an agile company and actively shape change together with their employees will remain fit for the future.


Completed Projects

Nationwide BMAS Project "Good Host - Good Employer" Shows Practical Solutions for Securing Skilled Workers

ggga.pngThe project, which is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (BMAS), shows approaches to improving personnel management and increasing employer attractiveness in the hospitality industry. Currently, consulting and support services are being transferred on a nationwide level.
The INQA Company Check "Hospitality Industry" that has been developed can be the starting point for companies in the industry to identify strengths and weaknesses in their operations and uncover potential for improvement. Consultants are also to work with the instrument. To this end, a pool of consultants is being set up in collaboration with the SME Offensive.
In response to the pressing requirements that digitization brings for the industry, experience is to be gathered in the introduction of digital processes in experimental rooms. In addition to developing a digitization check for the hospitality industry, an online survey will also be conducted in Rhineland-Palatinate to evaluate the state of digitization and identify further needs.

Sustainable Work Logistics RLP

The initiative informed existing networks about the fields of action of sustainable work and about improving work and employability as well as securing skilled workers in the logistics sector. At the "Logistics Day" and at other regional meetings, events were held on this subject in cooperation with the German Logistics Association (BVL) at companies such as Griesson de Beukelar in Koblenz and Saint Gobain ISOVER in Ludwigshafen.

ed-media Institute as Software Development Partner in the "Skolelinux Rhineland-Palatinate" Project

ed-media e.V. was a software development partner in the Skolelinux Rhineland-Palatinate project, which was implemented as part of the "Medienkompetenz macht Schule" program of the Ministry of Education, Science, Youth and Culture of Rhineland-Palatinate. The project brought free software to the participating schools and made it easy for teachers to use. Nowadays ed-media GmbH offers an extended solution based on LINUX as a support provider for schools.

IT Quality Assurance in the BMBF Research Project "Instant-Grid

A PC is started from a Knoppix-based live CD and acts as the server of the grid network. It allows other PCs in the same local network to start the Instant-Grid environment via the network. Together with the server, these computers form a functioning grid - without any further intervention by the user. ed-media, as the know-how provider, took over the quality assurance and provided the reduced basic system. Project partners were the Gesellschaft für wissenschaftliche Datenverarbeitung mbH, Göttingen; Fraunhofer First, Berlin; the FernUniversität Hagen and Fitz Chemie, Berlin. The goal of the project was a flexible demonstration, test and development environment for grid technologies that could be used without prior knowledge.