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Learning Organization

We develop individual concepts and further training for personnel development in your company. We have the experience to prepare employees for their tasks in a goal-oriented manner using modern forms of learning and digital media and to activate them for self-learning. We effectively support the process towards a learning organization.

The World of Work in Upheaval - Digital Transformation

Learning and working are naturally intertwined. Learning is a continuous process. Ideally, a person independently acquires missing competencies in order to respond to changes. To support this, companies need a corresponding digital infrastructure and a learning culture. In the future, the digital transformation will make it possible to guide and inform employees in the process of work (for example, through the networked machine that provides information about a part that is almost worn out and assists with installation). But situation- and problem-related qualification will also remain a part of personnel development.

The world of work is in a state of upheaval. By involving your employees, you can leverage the potential of change. Let employees' skills and talents flow into the company. The opportunity for self-responsible work, shared values and good leadership make an attractive employer. We have the right concepts for you, as well as a large pool of professional trainers and coaches.

Digital Learning

Digital continuing education (e-learning), integrated into meaningful concepts, is a smart solution for situation- and problem-based learning. Combined with face-to-face events or webinars, it can make an efficient contribution to knowledge transfer. It is also essential to support informal learning in the working world. Due to the widespread use of smartphones, "mobile learning" is no longer a vision of the future, but reality. Short learning sequences or (explanatory) videos can and will play an important role in supporting the daily need for information in the new working world. Develop individual and digital applications with us and let a new learning culture emerge in your company!

Reference Projects

Using Learning and Explanatory Videos

Within the BMAS-funded project "Guter Gastgeber - Guter Arbeitgeber" (Good Host - Good Employer), HR topics were communicated using explanatory videos and video interviews, among other things.


Learning Workshop with Mobile RFID Lab at the Rolls Royce Engine Plant in Oberursel, Germany

rr-klein.jpgIn this workshop, employees at the Rolls Royce engine plant in Oberursel were shown the possibilities of RFID technology using mobile scanners and illustrative examples. As a next step, pilot projects were considered to implement the use of modern AutoID procedures in the processes.

Introduction of the Learning Management System ILIAS at Hydac International GmbH

hydac-klein.jpgWith the industrial company HYDAC International GmbH, another large company is using the open source learning management system ILIAS. The deployment was fixed at the end of 2007. After a test run, the system went live. Step by step the Training Center in Sulzbach/Saar is now expanding the learning platform with the support of ed-media.
HYDAC offers a wide range of products around fluid technology. With 10 sales offices in Germany, over 40 foreign subsidiaries with their own production and assembly facilities, more than 500 sales and service partners and over 5000 employees, HYDAC is a globally active company. Its employees can now process various technical training courses on hydraulics online. Self-produced WBTs are used for this purpose. ed-media hosts and maintains HYDAC's learning management system on an external server. Other services used are training and customizing.

Organization of the MBA Distance Learning Courses for the University of Kaiserslautern

hs-kl-klein.jpgSince 2001, the ed-media e.V. institute has been in charge of the MBA distance learning program at the Kaiserslautern University of Applied Sciences, BW faculty. Intensive support, sustainable learning concepts and modern teaching methods are in the foreground. The very low dropout rate of 7.5% documents the performance potential of the students and how competently e.V. provides advice, preparation and support.